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Major Markets Served

BA Forging Enterprises has spent over 80 years cultivating its craft and is an industry leader in the areas of defense, aerospace, medical, automotive, recreational motorsports and power generation. Our extensive experience also includes work in a wide variety of industries including electrical contacts, marine parts, appliance parts, decorative hardware, fire extinguisher valves, gas and liquid valves, spray paint equipment and welding clamps.


BA Forging has a reputation in the global marketplace for its reliability and integrity in the defense industry.  We are ITAR compliant and, as a result, our clients and our future clients can rest assured that they will be well taken care of and that their privacy will be honored. We have significant experience in the defense industry and our staff is fully trained in compliance and regulation standards to ensure our products continually meet those standards. BA Forging works in both the consumer and military markets with respect to weapons, including rifles for hunting and for military purposes. We are known for our expertise in forging Upper and Lower Receiver parts. Our entire team from sales to engineering to quality control and shipping works together to produce the best possible outcome for our customers.

Automotive, Recreational Motorsports and Power Generation

Forged components most commonly found in the automotive industry are located at points of shock and stress. BA Forging is known for its closed-die forging of complex, intricate parts including hydraulic fitting components, turbo chargers, AN (AS) fittings, suspension and transmission parts to name a few. Our 3D printing capabilities allow us to create an almost endless selection of parts, and due to our technology, we are able to provide a high quality product at a great value.   Historically, aluminum has been a strategic material used by automakers. We regularly forge aluminum and aluminum alloys to create safe, durable, light-weight, strong, cost-effective parts as they are and have been ideal for use in the automobile and recreational motorsports arena.


Like the automotive industry, performance and strength are critical elements in the aerospace industry. The unique environment in space requires that its parts can withstand harsh temperatures, will be light in weight and most importantly will durable. Additionally, since many of the parts that are created in closed-die forgings are connecting parts and parts that are located at areas of stress, it is essential that the right materials and processes are combined to create the strength and flexibility needed in the desired parts.   Forged aluminum and aluminum alloys provide a high strength-to-weight ratio and structural reliability along with the added benefits of mechanical stability, dampening, thermal management and reduced weight.


Medical equipment, including parts used in operating rooms and medical facilities, and parts used to stabilize patients, are frequently forged. Closed-die forging is the most practical method used to create these parts due to their intricate and often complex designs. Forging provides a high quality product with the distinct specification required in the medical industry. Aluminum, and aluminum alloys in particular, provide the anti-corrosive element that is crucial to many medical parts.

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